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It’s fair to assume we would all like to be more successful at work. But success in the workplace, relies on more than sales or business plans. Being a healthy business owner will significantly increase your achievements both in the office and and in your personal life.

But how do we juggle both? A key ingredient to living a healthy lifestyle is being consistent, which begins with establishing a daily routine. Vital aspects to living a consistently healthy lifestyle include 30-45 minutes of physical activity, eating breakfast, healthy snacking, and keeping up a regular sleep schedule.

Good health is largely related to success in business. According to a survey of 1300 top managers, 75% of them said that staying healthy and fit is “critical for success at the executive level.” Here are some vital tips to get you in tip-top shape for business!

Workout! The Earlier the Better

You have the most energy and motivation in the morning, so get your exercise in first thing! That way, you have no excuse to say you don’t have time to work out. Not only can exercising boost your mood, it can also energise you and reduce stress, helping you feel refreshed and relaxed despite your busy day at work. According to the American Heart Association, 30 minutes of physical activity at least 5 days a week has positive effects on both your mind and body. Exercising releases endorphins in your body which give you that “feel good” sensation after you workout. Employees who reported that they exercise regularly are 50% more productive than those who do only occasionally.

The most successful people in the world begin their days with physical activity. Since staying fit stimulates your brain and sharpens your memory, it’s no wonder that they start their days with an early-morning session. Here are a few names you might recognise:

Sir Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Group, who has a net worth of $5 billion wakes up at 5 in the morning to exercise. In his post, “Why I Wake Up Early,” on, Branson says that he gets up early so that he is “able to do some exercise and spend time with his family, which puts him in a great mind frame before getting down to business.”

Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-Chief at Vogue Magazine, goes to New York’s Midtown Tennis Club at 5:45 in the morning to play a 45 minute tennis match as her way of staying fit before going into the office.

Many of these people also noted that they started their mornings with a healthy breakfast. If you’re Victoria Beckham, some fruit and a cup of green tea might be enough; but if you’re the rest of us, you need something a little more substantial.

Eat Breakfast!

I get it, mornings are hectic. If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to compromise breakfast to get to work on time. Fitting in time for breakfast is actually a key to health and success. According to WebMD, skipping a healthy breakfast can actually throw off your body’s flow and cause you to lose concentration and mental capacity. So, wake up a few minutes early and start off your day with a meal.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming! Here are some quick and easy ideas to fit in a healthy breakfast, even if you’re rushing to work:

Top your toast! Change up the butter and jam, and top your toast with these nutritious options instead.

  • Add some arugula and a fried egg to your multigrain toast. Sprinkle some salt and parmesan on top and you have yourself a tasty meal!
  • Slather some peanut butter on a slice of toast and top with slices of banana and chia seeds.
  • Spread your whole grain toast with ricotta, season with salt and basil, and top with slices of heirloom tomatoes.
  • Mash up some avocados for a spread to make some good ol’ avo toast. Top with a fried egg for added protein if you’re feeling extra hungry.

Smart Snacking.

Besides the more obvious health benefits of munching on a handful of veggies or nuts, healthy snacking beats a bag of crisps and increases energy levels. Healthy snacks ensure your blood sugar levels are never low, which increases productivity and higher levels of focus at work.

Many companies have seen the positive effects of healthy snacking in the workplace. Consider providing a snackbar of nutritious options to keep you and your employees happy, focused, and productive throughout the day.

Regulate Your Sleep Schedule.

Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is extremely important because it allows important hormones to be released into your body, making you feel more rested and energetic.

Regulating your sleep schedule will allow your “internal clock” to wake you up before your alarm does, so you don’t feel groggy in the morning. If you wake up at 7:00 am every morning for work and know that your body needs at least 8 hours of sleep, prepare to be in bed by 11:00 pm every night.

What you do before you go to sleep is just as important as what you do after you wake up!

It’s important to spend 30 minutes before bed winding down and letting your mind rest. Have some quiet time reading or just resting without any added stimulants.

Changing Your Daily Routine

Now you know that sleep, diet, and exercise all directly affect your health and brain function,   and can give you the energy you need to work more productively. Will you improve your daily routine? Making these changes will not only promote mental and physical health but it will also boost your potential for success.



Matt Reed

Matt is a business trainer and hypnotherapist, helping clients to overcome limiting beliefs. When not working with Startr or in his consultancy Mindset Reset, he can be found on his beloved motorbike, or pulling some moves at Salsa classes.